Written by, Trevor Long

JANUARY 6, 2014 7:47 PM

Put aside all these heath and wellbeing apps and devices, I’ve found a cool gadget to help you improve your golf, tennis or baseball swing. It’s called Zepp and it’s already available at Apple Stores in Australia.

No matter what your sport, the little fluro green sensor is the same. With on-board technology that knows and senses every single movement and angle of the device the only difference you’ll find between sports is the attachment you need for your racquet, club or bat.

Once attached the device switches into the mode of that specific sport, and you’re ready to check your swing.

Checking your swing in 3D
After you take a hit, you look on the app and in 3D from any angle you can see the swing the impact point and all the data you need to help improve your swing.

For your Golf swing the sensor is attached to your glove – Golf clubs are super sensitive when it comes to adding weight or attachments.

Tennis, Golf and Baseball are all that are available right now, perhaps Cricket will come in the future.

The 3D modelling of your swing is enough to justify the $179.95

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