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Zepp’s training tech is heading to baseball bats, golf gloves and tennis rackets

CES 2016: Zepp’s swing analysing sensors are making friends posted on wareable.com, By Sophie Charr, 5th January 2015 Zepp Labs has announced that its digital sports training tech, which we’ve tried and loved in devices like Zepp Golf, is coming to some big sports equipment brands very soon. It’s not naming names just yet, but Zepp will be announcing … continue reading

Zepp Wants To Embed Sensors Right Into Baseball Bats, Tennis Rackets And Other Sports Equipment

Posted on Tech Times,  By Mark Lelinwalla, 5th January 2015 This could impact Zepp’s products as soon as this year, with analysis possibly expanding to include soccer. Zepp’s wearable tech sensors with accompanying smartphone apps have been available to coaches and athletes in sports such as baseball, golf, tennis and softball for quite some time now. Well, … continue reading

Zepp will fill your next tennis racket and cricket bat with sensors

Sports sensing is about to get serious. Posted on digitalspy.com, By LUKE JOHNSON 4th Jan 2016 ​ You might want to hold off on grabbing all the gear for your latest New Year’s resolution-based sports fix. Zepp has confirmed it is working with a number of sports equipment manufacturers to fill your next racket or bat with sensors. Having … continue reading

Zepp Baseball – Get the most out of Zepp and your swing

BAT SPEED AT IMPACT BAT SPEED IMPACT is the measure in miles per hour (MPH) of the velocity of the barrel of your bat when the bat impacts the ball. MAX BAT SPEED (offered in Chart) is the max velocity the barrel of your bat travels during your swings. BAT SPEED AT IMPACT Learn how to optimize … continue reading

Zepp Golf: Review of multi-sport sensor that can improve your swing

Shane O’Hara reviews Zepp multi-sport sensor for golf, which has helped him make improvements on the course By Shane O’Hara    Thursday 6 August 2015, 16:07 UK The Zepp Golf sport sensor in action Photo: Zepp Golf The Zepp Golf aid is a tiny 30mm x 30mm x 11mm, three ounce device that claims to be able to … continue reading

Zepp CEO on answering ‘so what?’ and learning from Fitbit and Jawbone

Posted on wareable.com, July 21, 2015 By James Stables Jason Fass tells us the story of growing from start up to sports giant in three years Imagine taking your startup from a garage operation to a worldwide sportsplayer in just three years. In 2012, Jason Fass and his wife were hand-printing labels to post sensors out to their first customers. … continue reading

Zepp partners with Milos Raonic for new tennis sensor and tracking app

Posted on Sports Illustrated, By Tim Newcomb, 19th May 2015 Canadian star Milos Raonic will lend his powerful serve to the newest release from Zepp, a data-tracking company measuring metrics across a variety of sports, including tennis. Using a sensor attached to the butt of a racket, Zepp can track racket speed impact, ball spin, backswing time, impact time … continue reading

Zepp Golf motion tracker updated: The sports wearable that genuinely improves your swing

Posted on pocket-lint.com, By Rik Henderson DIGSBY IM, EMAIL, AND SOCIAL NETWORKS IN ONE EASY TO USE APPLICATION! HTTP://DIGSBY.COM See all 13 photos Motion tracking for sports and specifically golf is not exactly new, but the best device we’ve used in recent times was the GolfSense, which strapped to the back of a golf glove and … continue reading


Written by, Trevor Long JANUARY 6, 2014 7:47 PM Put aside all these heath and wellbeing apps and devices, I’ve found a cool gadget to help you improve your golf, tennis or baseball swing. It’s called Zepp and it’s already available at Apple Stores in Australia. No matter what your sport, the little fluro green … continue reading

Zepp Sensor aims to quantify your every move

Written by: Chris Burns, Nov 13th 2013 We’re ramping up at an unprecedented rate this year towards total quantification of movement – especially sports and exercise-related movement – with devices like the Zepp Sensor. This device works inside a whole Zepp training system which aims to connect your movements – all of them – to mobile … continue reading