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Zepp Baseball Swing Analyser – Tested by the best!

San Franciso Giants baseball player Pablo Sandoval demonstrating the #ZeppBaseball swing analyser!!!! Now available at Apple stores nationally! At minute marker 5:45, World Series MVP, Pablo Sandoval, of the San Francisco Giants, takes over this demo of #ZeppBaseball. What athlete would you love to see working with Zepp Labs? [youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/6eOKJ5T0TrA” width=”480″ height=”380″]

Zepp Appcessories named coolest gadgets for 2014!

Zepp! My golf swing sucks. And my backhand could use some work, too. I know this from real-world experience. But Zepp’s 1-inch multi-sport sensor can tell me, with cringe-worthy detail, precisely why they suck with a 3-D, 360-degree visualization on an iOS or Android device. In fact, the new sensor is capable of giving anyone who wants … continue reading

Zepp Sensor aims to quantify your every move

Written by: Chris Burns, Nov 13th 2013 We’re ramping up at an unprecedented rate this year towards total quantification of movement – especially sports and exercise-related movement – with devices like the Zepp Sensor. This device works inside a whole Zepp training system which aims to connect your movements – all of them – to mobile … continue reading