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Zepp Baseball – Get the most out of Zepp and your swing

BAT SPEED AT IMPACT BAT SPEED IMPACT is the measure in miles per hour (MPH) of the velocity of the barrel of your bat when the bat impacts the ball. MAX BAT SPEED (offered in Chart) is the max velocity the barrel of your bat travels during your swings. BAT SPEED AT IMPACT Learn how to optimize … continue reading

Zepp CEO on answering ‘so what?’ and learning from Fitbit and Jawbone

Posted on wareable.com, July 21, 2015 By James Stables Jason Fass tells us the story of growing from start up to sports giant in three years Imagine taking your startup from a garage operation to a worldwide sportsplayer in just three years. In 2012, Jason Fass and his wife were hand-printing labels to post sensors out to their first customers. … continue reading

Zepp Baseball Swing Analyser – Tested by the best!

San Franciso Giants baseball player Pablo Sandoval demonstrating the #ZeppBaseball swing analyser!!!! Now available at Apple stores nationally! At minute marker 5:45, World Series MVP, Pablo Sandoval, of the San Francisco Giants, takes over this demo of #ZeppBaseball. What athlete would you love to see working with Zepp Labs? [youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/6eOKJ5T0TrA” width=”480″ height=”380″]