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Meet the company that will press your ashes to vinyl after you die

Are you a huge vinyl record fan? Well now you can be entombed in one!   Now, those who truly love records can be entombed in vinyl. Jason Leach, from UK-based company And Vinyly is a record fan and has been pressing discs for the last 20 years. Leach now takes people’s ashes and mixes them in to … continue reading

Could keeping your vinyl records make you a better parent?

Posted on wtop.com, April 8, 2016 Your vinyl record collection may have benefits beyond the music contained in it. (WTOP/Tiffany Arnold) WASHINGTON — If you’ve ever debated getting rid of your record collection because the music is available online, you may want to consider this: That collection could make you a better parent. Even music … continue reading

Why Your Record Collection Is Worth Saving, Even in the Age of Spotify

posted on wsj.com, By CHRIS KERNELS, April 6, 2016 An old vinyl collection offers more than classic-rock schlock. It can also tell children who their parents really are By CHRIS KERNELS, April 6, 2016 IN THE AGE of Spotify, it’s tough to justify keeping the massive collection of vinyl records that I’ve acquired from my … continue reading

Column: For the love of vinyl

Posted on globe.com, By Gretchen O’Donnell on May 4, 2016 When I was a kid, I had a stack of those little 45 rpm records. Remember those? Mine were mostly Disney stories, complete with accompanying story booklets that you could read along with the narrator. “You will know it is time to turn the page … continue reading

Let the music play

By Dana Sanders Dana Sanders with her new vinyl album, Purple Rain. Photo submitted. Forever, music has been used to express emotions when words do not seem to be enough. The soft melody of piano keys or the stroke of an acoustic guitar are able to express joy, pain, longing and other feelings that do not require words. … continue reading

Could Crosley’s new pressing plant help save indie vinyl?

They’re often blamed for killing independent records, but the maker of those Urban Outfitters suitcase turntables could be sending them a life boat. Posted on www.chartattack.com, By CHRIS HAMPTON – MAR 8, 2016 They have a reputation for chewing vinyl. Now, they’re trying to do right by the world by bringing some new records into the universe. Crosley, the American company that makes … continue reading

With Vinyl’s Resurgence, Here’s How Brands Are Capitalizing on Music’s Most Analog Medium

In a streaming era, records represent a ‘premium experience’ Posted on adweek.com, By Kristina Monllos, March 7, 2016 The resurgence of vinyl has everybody talking, and listening. Maybe you’ve thumbed through a trend piece in The New York Times, crediting analog-loving millennials as the impetus for the revival. Or, you’ve read in Billboard or on … continue reading

Crosley Radio to unveil rolling radio store, plans vinyl pressing plant

Posted on insiderlouisville.com, By KEVIN GIBSON | March 7, 2016 Here’s a mockup of one side of the Crosley Cruiser. | Courtesy of Crosley Radio I remember when music on vinyl began its descent into a slow, gruesome death. It was in the late 1980s, and record companies began incentivizing consumers to buy CDs instead of vinyl or cassettes. By … continue reading


Posted on the westender.com.au, By  Angus Coleman, 3rd March 2016   New contributor Angus Coleman looks at what’s driving the revival of vinyl and what does it means for your iPod? The so-called “vinyl revival” is at no risk of slowing down, with the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) releasing its annual figures for 2014 recently showing that … continue reading

It’s hip again: Vinyl records making a comeback

Posted on waaytv.com, By Jamey Tucker, 25 Feb 2016 It’s an odd thing when people reject new technology for the old. The technology behind making vinyl records hasn’t changed in 50 years, and millennials are flocking to it. The way we listen to music has gone through a lot of changes over the past 25 … continue reading