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Your old vinyl records could be worth THOUSANDS – and these are the most valuable

Posted on www.coventrytelegraph.net, 10th December 2016 High street retailers have now started stocking the old-school disks, as they continue to soar in popularity The vinyl revival shows no signs of slowing down – with plenty looking to buy turntables and record players this Christmas. The retro form of listening to music has enjoyed quite the … continue reading

The 10 Most Over-the-Top Turntables in the World

Posted on robbreport.com, JULY 17, 2016 VIEW SLIDESHOW Known as phonographs, gramophones, record players, or turntables, the altar of the dark vinyl disc has enjoyed a popular revival in recent years. However, for audiophiles, vinyl records have remained a constant presence. Over the years, a small handful of companies have been quietly toiling away to … continue reading

Does music sound better on vinyl records than on CDs?

Posted on now.tufts.edu, July 11, 2016 Paul D. Lehrman, a lecturer in music and director of the music engineering minor program, weighs in on the debate Vinyl is back, no doubt about it. Sales of vinyl records have been soaring, although they still represent only a tiny fraction of the music industry’s revenues: about 2 … continue reading

Ion Audio To Bring Ford-Branded Audio Line To Market

Posted on www.twice.com, 21st June 2016 Ion Audio is teaming with the Ford Motor Company for a line of officially licensed audio products “inspired by Ford Motor Company’s iconic vehicles.” The company will launch Ford-branded turntables and Bluetooth speakers “We are unreservedly enthusiastic about partnering with such an iconic and prestigious global brand as Ford,” said Paul Buckley, marketing … continue reading

Crosley keeps growing, mobile record store opens at Abbey Road

Posted on wave3.com, 26th May 2016 wave3.com-Louisville News, Weather & Sports LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It’s a Louisville company that keeps getting bigger and better, expanding its brand of products and it’s reach worldwide. Crosley Brands is a homegrown success and one of the sponsors again at Abbey Road on the River. Starting this week, you’ll … continue reading

Column: For the love of vinyl

Posted on globe.com, By Gretchen O’Donnell on May 4, 2016 When I was a kid, I had a stack of those little 45 rpm records. Remember those? Mine were mostly Disney stories, complete with accompanying story booklets that you could read along with the narrator. “You will know it is time to turn the page … continue reading

Could Crosley’s new pressing plant help save indie vinyl?

They’re often blamed for killing independent records, but the maker of those Urban Outfitters suitcase turntables could be sending them a life boat. Posted on www.chartattack.com, By CHRIS HAMPTON – MAR 8, 2016 They have a reputation for chewing vinyl. Now, they’re trying to do right by the world by bringing some new records into the universe. Crosley, the American company that makes … continue reading

With Vinyl’s Resurgence, Here’s How Brands Are Capitalizing on Music’s Most Analog Medium

In a streaming era, records represent a ‘premium experience’ Posted on adweek.com, By Kristina Monllos, March 7, 2016 The resurgence of vinyl has everybody talking, and listening. Maybe you’ve thumbed through a trend piece in The New York Times, crediting analog-loving millennials as the impetus for the revival. Or, you’ve read in Billboard or on … continue reading


Posted on the westender.com.au, By  Angus Coleman, 3rd March 2016   New contributor Angus Coleman looks at what’s driving the revival of vinyl and what does it means for your iPod? The so-called “vinyl revival” is at no risk of slowing down, with the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) releasing its annual figures for 2014 recently showing that … continue reading

Crosley Radio CES 2016

With vinyl records making a huge come back, Crosley has been at the forefront of creating vintage-inspired products with modern tech. At CES 2016, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade shows, Crosley had a mammoth exhibit that showcased what they have on offer this year, both current and new, including special edition models designed for Record … continue reading