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Press Release – iWorld Introduces WowWee

IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE 23.09.16  WOW… iWorld Australia introduces WowWee, a new range of innovative App enabled toys. WowWee designs, develops, markets, and distributes innovative robotic toys and consumer entertainment products. Their astonishing imagination is what really sets them apart from other Toy manufacturers. Founded as an independent research, development and manufacturing company, focused on cutting-edge technologies.  In 2004 the introduction of WowWee’s Robosapien™ revolutionised the … continue reading

Being Together is Better!

Posted on Marbles the brain store | Blog Based off of new research coming from sharpbrains.com, playing together can make a bit difference in your brain. Whether you’re having a game night with your favorite board game or solving a crossword together, working on a mentally stimulating task with your favorite brains can actually increase the cognitive … continue reading

17 Incredibly Cool Gifts Your Kids Haven’t Gotten Yet

Posted on BuzzFeed Dec. 18, 2015, Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed 1. The world’s most incredible marble run. amazon.com Q-BA-MAZE Ultimate Stunt Set: $69.99, HERE. 2. This brain-bending take on tic-tac-toe. marblesthebrainstore.com Otrio, $39.99: HERE 3. This mix-and-match robot building kit. amazon.com amazon.com Little Bits lets kiddos create hundreds of projects using electronics. $199.00, HERE. 4. This DIY Hydraulic Robot Arm marblesthebrainstore.com This … continue reading

8 questions for the CEO of Marbles: The Brain Store

Posted on chicagobusiness.com, December 11, 2015 What’s that clicking sound? Lindsay Gaskins, 39, is CEO of Marbles: The Brain Store, a games and gadgets retailer she started in Chicago in 2008 and grew to 42 stores nationwide, with 50 more planned in the next three years. A college basketball player, Gaskins still plays in a … continue reading

Marbles The Brain Store – The Brainiest Gifts Ever!

________________________________________________________________________________________ THE BRAINIEST GIFTS EVER… Fun, brain-healthy games & gifts to boost memory, coordination, word skills, visual perception and critical thinking. Marbles the Brain Stores is a one-of-a-kind specialty store with a smart collection of hand-picked, expert-tested, certifiably fun ways to build better brains. ________________________________________________________________________________________ THE MARBLES MISSION : TO BUILD BETTER BRAINS Marbles: The … continue reading