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Did you know that there’s a tape version of Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ out there? MICHAEL ANISER Cassettes are most commonly thought of as a niche medium that catered to a nerdy audience of experimental music enthusiasts and freaks. But recently these little plastic boxes have made a comebackand seem to be on the brink of re-entering … continue reading

Let the music play

By Dana Sanders Dana Sanders with her new vinyl album, Purple Rain. Photo submitted. Forever, music has been used to express emotions when words do not seem to be enough. The soft melody of piano keys or the stroke of an acoustic guitar are able to express joy, pain, longing and other feelings that do not require words. … continue reading

With Vinyl’s Resurgence, Here’s How Brands Are Capitalizing on Music’s Most Analog Medium

In a streaming era, records represent a ‘premium experience’ Posted on adweek.com, By Kristina Monllos, March 7, 2016 The resurgence of vinyl has everybody talking, and listening. Maybe you’ve thumbed through a trend piece in The New York Times, crediting analog-loving millennials as the impetus for the revival. Or, you’ve read in Billboard or on … continue reading

Vinyl Record Sales Generated More Money This Year Than Free Streaming Music

Posted on Gizmodo, October 1 2015 The vinyl resurgence is real, but artists are still getting screwed. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reported that U.S. consumers bought $322 million worth of vinyl records in the first half of the year. Contrast this to $231 million in revenues from ad-supported streams from the likes of Pandora … continue reading

For the record, vinyl still rocks over digital and CDs

Posted on Northernstar, by helen Hawkes GROOVY TIMES: Nick Barovsky, owner of The Audio Room, Lismore, has seen a positive swing back to analogue technology and vinyl. EVERYTHING old is new again, at least on the music front. On the back of figures from the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA), which reports vinyl sales jumped … continue reading


By ALLAN KOZINN Published: June 9, 2013 Vinyl is growing out of its niche. There were always record collectors who disdained the compact disc, arguing that an LP’s grooves yielded warmth and depth that the CD’s digital code could not match. But the market largely ignored them. Record labels shuttered their LP pressing plants, except … continue reading

Our favourite Christmas jingle!

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