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Marbotic Smart letters Featured on Geek Dad

Marbotic Smart Letters Posted on Geek Dad, 17 October, 2016 Marbotic Smart Letters is a great new toy and set of apps for small children to learn about letters, phonetics, and reading. The Smart Letters themselves are 26, upper case wooden letters with little metal peg handles and rubber feet for protecting your tablet while kids slide and mash … continue reading

Marbotic Smart Letters

Posted on Wired, 1st May 2016  JOSH VALCARCEL/WIRED IT’S NO EASY thing to teach the alphabet. The target audience is easily distracted, upper and lower case don’t follow any logic you’d call consistent, and honestly who has the time when there are tickle monsters afoot? Marbotic, a learning system that blends physical blocks and iPad apps, may … continue reading