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Golfsense personal 3D sensor

PUBLICATION: Inside Golf Magazine SECTION: Gear DATE: 19/11/2012 – December 2012 edition. PAGE: 35 HEADLINE/TITLE: GolfSense personal 3D golf sensor

How to pair GolfSense with your iOS and Android device using bluetooth?

To connect GolfSense with your IOS enabled bluetooth device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch): Go to Settings on your Apple device. Select General. Then select Bluetooth.  Make sure that bluetooth is enabled by turning it on. Your iOS device with automatically search for GolfSense.  If you have turned on your GolfSense sensor by pressing the … continue reading

GolfSense 3D Swing Analyzer review

You won’t believe the amount of information GolfSense’s new device and app can provide for just $129.99. If you’re looking to put a purpose into your practice, track your results, and better understand what produces a consistent ball flight (and you love having the latest tech gadgets), you should read on, and think about giving … continue reading


“Rick Smith selects GolfSense to use across his teaching academies, learning centers and one-on-one coaching. GolfSense has the ability to empower the average golfer to capture their swing. It is a game changer for golf instruction. Rick Smith, globally established Master Teaching Professional and regarded as one of the PGA Tour’s Best “Sounding Boards” for … continue reading

GolfSense for iPhone By ZEPP TECHNOLOGY

Description ***************************************************************** You need a GolfSense device in order to see your 3D swing analysis. ***************************************************************** GolfSense is the first & most portable, professional scientific analysis product for Golf Players and profitable for channel partners, of course. Comparing with giant monitoring equipment, GolfSense is portable and can be used without location or environment restrictions. In … continue reading

GolfSense 3D Swing Analyzer Review

Grade: A+ Teacher’s Comments: Revolutionary. Invaluable. The word revolutionary gets thrown about quite a bit by marketers who want you to believe that their incremental improvements in a tired product line are in fact the next big thing. Indeed, the phrase is used so much as to be nearly meaningless. But believe me when I … continue reading