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17 Incredibly Cool Gifts Your Kids Haven’t Gotten Yet

Posted on BuzzFeed Dec. 18, 2015, Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed 1. The world’s most incredible marble run. amazon.com Q-BA-MAZE Ultimate Stunt Set: $69.99, HERE. 2. This brain-bending take on tic-tac-toe. marblesthebrainstore.com Otrio, $39.99: HERE 3. This mix-and-match robot building kit. amazon.com amazon.com Little Bits lets kiddos create hundreds of projects using electronics. $199.00, HERE. 4. This DIY Hydraulic Robot Arm marblesthebrainstore.com This … continue reading

Myer Giftorium – Your Go-to destination for Everything Christmas…

________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s where Christmas comes for Christmas; a magical place where you’ll find everything on your wish list. From fun experiences to delicious treats to sparkling new gifts, there’s a world of wonderful waiting for you to uncover. “This year’s Giftorium is even bigger and better than ever before,” – States Myer CEO Richard Umbers. “Giftorium brings … continue reading

Marbles The Brain Store – The Brainiest Gifts Ever!

________________________________________________________________________________________ THE BRAINIEST GIFTS EVER… Fun, brain-healthy games & gifts to boost memory, coordination, word skills, visual perception and critical thinking. Marbles the Brain Stores is a one-of-a-kind specialty store with a smart collection of hand-picked, expert-tested, certifiably fun ways to build better brains. ________________________________________________________________________________________ THE MARBLES MISSION : TO BUILD BETTER BRAINS Marbles: The … continue reading

Sphero 2.0 is totally amaze-balls

The first time around Sphero was a fun idea with not much meat on the bone. With Sphero 2.0 there is so much fun and even more potential it’s a killer idea for Christmas. A toy robotic ball could go either way on the spectrum of awful to amazing. The first version of Sphero sat … continue reading