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How to get kids (and their gadgets) outdoors

Kids aren’t as active nowadays, like children were 10-15 years ago. With all this technology at the touch of their fingertips, why would they want to ride a bike outside when they can do it virtually in their bedroom?? This article is a great read on how to get your kids outdoors more “with their … continue reading

Lifetrak C410, the all inclusive fitness band with automatic sleep tracking

Written by Scott Buscemi November 30, 2013 Back in August, I posted my review of the LifeTrak Move C300. In short, I couldn’t get enough of the Bluetooth-enabled fitness band with a long-lasting coin battery set to live for over a year. “The Move C300 is the best fitness band I’ve used, through and through. For … continue reading

Lifetrak makes you move!!!!

Even though the weather here in Melbourne isnt right for a jog today but this summer you need the one and only appcessory to get you FIT and MOVING. We have the LifeTrak Core C200, LifeTrak Move c300 and the LifeTrak Zone C410 instock and available now!! With the ability to detect sleep, calories burned, … continue reading