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Coming Soon to iWorld – Smartivity

Pioneers of Augmented Reality activities for children and designers of the most unique, cool and world-class S.T.E.M. learning based educational D.I.Y. Toys for children between 3 to 14 years of age, Smartivity Labs is driven by the mission to make learning “smarter” for children. Smartivity designs toys, engagement activities and playful learning tools that serve … continue reading

We’re celebrating women who invented the world they want to live in

They rock science and our world. Posted on littlebits.cc, February 28, 2017 At littleBits, we love to celebrate! This month, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day by spotlighting ground-breaking, historical women who succeeded in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. In other words, they’re total STEAM rockstars! We believe it’s essential to celebrate these pioneers who changed the … continue reading

How to get kids (and their gadgets) outdoors

Kids aren’t as active nowadays, like children were 10-15 years ago. With all this technology at the touch of their fingertips, why would they want to ride a bike outside when they can do it virtually in their bedroom?? This article is a great read on how to get your kids outdoors more “with their … continue reading