Steam Ambassador Julian Ridden

Julian Ridden
National K-12 STEAM & Short Course Manager at Coder Academy

Who is Julian Ridden?

Julian is a passionate Technologist and Open Educator who is convinced that education, digital learning and future thinking has the potential to transform the lives of teachers and students alike. His goal is to empower those around him with the tools, technology and mindsets that will prepare and enable them in the world of not just today but the emerging and ever-changing world of the future. He does this through his work at Coder Academy and also delivering Keynotes and workshops at conferences around the globe. His passions include MakerSpaces, AR/VR, Code development and pedagogies focused on design thinking and reflective practice. He is driven by the quote “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” ~ Frank Zappa

You can follow what Julian is up to regularly at: – Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram

Coder Academy

Coder Academy’s mission is to promote equality and drive innovation via kick-ass technology training. Best known for operating Australia’s only accredited coding bootcamps, amongst numerous high-quality technology & STEM training options for people of all ages, Coder Academy provides a unique, innovative, and industry-driven educational experience. Through a variety of programs in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Coder Academy equips Australians with the in-demand coding and technology skills they’ll need to tackle the future of work. These are delivered in K12 through School incursions, after-school programs, holiday camps and Staff PD days.

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