Steam Ambassador Jonathan Nalder

Leader of the STEAM Learning Project

Goal: “Explore what best practice in future-ready STEAM learning looks like right now?

How?: iWorld and FutureWe working together to seed leading edge STEAM kits to schools, teachers, students and parents and collecting their thoughts and feedback

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Who is Jonathan Nalder?


Jonathan is a multi-awarded Educator who has taught across Science, the Arts, tech and more in K-12, higher education and adult learning. His aim is always to be: 1. a creative ideas factory, 2. a scaffolder of change, and 3. a builder of supportive communities.

In total Jonathan has spent 19 years doing these things with education and training organisations, businesses, entrepreneurs, schools and space professionals. He also spends up to 90 mins every day researching future trends and learning new things himself so he can distill this with his experience as a visual story-teller, planner, teacher, and writer so that communities of learners world-wide can benefit. How can he help you be future ready?

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As an iWorld STEAM ambassador what does Jonathan Nalder do?

  • Jonathan Nalder advocates for how iWorld Australia and the brands they distribute support the mission of: ‘spreading innovative education practice that leverages STEAM learning to create skilled problem solvers ready for success in the 4th Industrial era’.
  • He demonstrates iWorld products at conferences, schools, school clusters and other educational institutes across ANZ.
  • He makes a range of videos and photographs of products and how they support STEAM learning, from unboxing shoots, to classroom demonstrations, to training guides. These will be shared with iWorld and suppliers that can be used for marketing.
  • Jonathan maps STEAM products and services to the Be Future Ready Framework at to help show how well they support learners in being future-ready.
  • He develops mini teacher guides to help get schools started. (See for an example).
  • He develops and delivers followup training for iWorld products so schools maximise their learning payoff (both face to face and online).
  • Jonathan connects iWorld suppliers and schools to professional communities to help them grow and share their progress.

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