Raspberry Pi Lesson Plans

Whoopi Cushion

Make a whoopee cushion powered by a Raspberry Pi to prank your pals

GPIO Music Box

Make a device that plays music when you push its buttons

The Parent Detector

Detect intruders with a Raspberri Pi

A Raspberry Pi laser tripwire

Build a laser tripwire with Python and a Raspberry Pi

OctaPi: public key cryptography

Learn about the concepts behind public key cryptography

Control LEDs with your voice

Use the Google Voice AIY kit to control LEDs

Exploring space with Minecraft

Explore SpaceCRAFT, a winning Astro Pi entry

Getting started with the Raspberry Pi

Set up your Raspberry Pi and explore what it can do

Burping Jelly Baby

Make a jelly baby burp when you squeeze it.

Getting started with Node-RED

Learn how to use Node-RED to control Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

Light Out!

Make a fun and fast paced Explorer HAT reaction game

See Like a Bat

Make an etiolation device using your Raspberry Pi