Shape Robotics Fable Play Class Set.This kit is a complete teaching solution to have fable spinning in the classroom allows 20-30 users in 10 groups. This solution includes ten Fable Spin modules enough to ensure all of the students have a head start. Fable Play Class set consists of: 10 x Fable Spin modules, 10 x Dongles, 20 x Wheels, 10 x Castors, 10 x 3D connectors, 5 x 3XY, 5 x Forks, 5 x Ball stands, 10 x Adapters, 10 x Phone holders, 10 x Plows, 10 x Lid with stand, 10 x Boxes, 10 x USB chargers, 20 x USB cables, 2 x 6-way chargers, 1 x Getting Started Guide, 10 x Get Started Guide. Free access to Shape Robotics online learning platform

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