Shape Robotics Fable Makerspace Set. allows 12-18 users in 6 groups This kit is the perfect kit to explore everything the Fable Robot system has to offer. Perfect for school classrooms, afterschool classes, libraries, Makerspaces and more. Fable Makerspace Set consists of three Fable joints and three Fable Spin Robots. It also comes packed with a great range of accessories. Fable Makerspace consists of: 3 x Fable Spin modules, 3 x Fable Joint modules, 6 x Dongles, 6 x Wheels, 3 x Castors, 1 x 2XY module, 1 x 3XY module, 2 x 4XY module, 2 x Throwing arms. 6 x 3D connectors, 3 x Forks, 3 x Ball stands, 2 x Mazes, 7 x Adapters, 1 x Flex Phone holder, 5 x Phone holders, 3 x Plows, 1 x Laser pointer, 6 x Lid with stand, 6 x Boxes, 6 x USB chargers, 12 x USB cables, 1 x 6-way charger, 1 x Getting Started Guide. Free access to Shape Robotic online learning platform.

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