Creative kids build and customize a planetary rover using littleBits electronic building blocks then transform it by adding out-of-this-world capabilities! Over 30 activities in the free Inventor App guide kids through building and controlling space vehicle inventions like a space rock collector or an alien life detector learning STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) skills and drawing inspiration from real space pioneers. Through both hands-on and digital play kids gain lifelong skills to become changemakers through invention. Product features include in-app instructions for 30 space activities tech sensors paper templates wheels mounting boards LED light motors battery stickers and free Inventor App and battery.


  • Complete kit: 15 Bits 10 paper templates 7 accessories sticker sheet 9V battery with cable and free app with instructions.
  • Free Inventor App: over 30 activities with step-by-step instructions and tutorials that guide kids through building and customizing fun inventions to explore the final frontier.
  • Customizable inventions: fun activities help kids unleash their creativity by customizing their space rover or creating their own.
  • Modular system: all littleBits electronic blocks (even in other kits!) can be combined and reconfigured to create brand-new inventions.
  • Smart device required for video instructions: Inventor App requires either iPhone (iOS 10.0 or later) or Android (5.0 or later) is required. Amazon devices are not compatible at this time.

Product Code: LB-680-0021


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