The Arcade Game Hall of Fame Kit puts a new spin on an old arcade favourite: the pinball machine! This invention is powered by the servo motor Bit plus a slide dimmer that allows kids to control how big of a whack they give a ball as they send it hurtling toward its goal. When the high score has been achieved kids can then remix the invention using the same Bits to create a catapult and compete to see how far they can propel different objects. Bits accessories and instructions included.


  • Kits come with 4 Bits 4-6 accessories and paper templates needed to create inventions.
  • Step-by-step instructions for 2 inventions (the Pinball machine and the Catapult) are available online or in the littleBits Invent app for iOS users
  • Bits can be reconfigured to create new inventions not included in the box.
  • All Bits work together so you can collect and combine the other Bits and kits to create bigger better inventions.
  • Hall-of-Fame Kit Inventions are simple and fun ensuring all kids will feel confident inventing.

Product Code: LB-680-0015


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