Teen siblings Ayana and Ethan Klein created 3Dux/design with a mission to bring human experience and design thinking into conventional STEM education. The architectural modeling sets integrate geometry and engineering concepts with art, design and open-ended creative play.

Composed of a variety of 3D printed connectors and paintable geometric shapes, children are encouraged to imagine, design, and create anything they can imagine. The reusable connectors fit on most cardboard so young designers never run out of raw material to work with and learn about creative repurposing while they play. One thing that is conspicuously absent from 3Dux/design kits is instructions. Leave it to two teens to decide that rules are not required.

“The beauty of our product is that there is no right or wrong way to create. We like to believe that this helps foster self esteem and confidence, something that standardized tests and graded assignments fail to do”​. 3Dux/design architecture sets are used in schools, after-school STEM programs, and children museums as a part of a play-based learning curriculum. We are developing a growing list of prompts and design challenges for children of all ages that are available to educational programs.

We also sell our products direct from our workshop in Bridgeport, CT to children all over the world. 3Dux/design Architectural Modeling Sets offer todays youth the tools to make a better tomorrow.


3DuxDesign building sets integrate math and engineering concepts with art and open-ended creative play. 3D printed connectors and geometric cardboard forms let children build anything they can imagine.

The connectors are engineered to fit most cardboard so children never run out of raw material to work with. And, with over 25 billion shipping boxes discarded annually in the US alone, our young designers learn about creative repurposing while they build. Our #BillionBoxProject goal is to save one billion boxes from landfill, one cardboard creation at a time.

3DuxDesign can be used in the home for independent unplugged creativity, incorporated into school curriculum, after school programs, and museums as a part of a play-based educational program. Now used in over 50 academic programs, our product encourages young designers across the world to become thinkers, makers and innovators.

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