Our mission is to provide quality, innovative toys and educational products that are fun, affordable, engaging, and designed to instill a passion for learning and creating. We’re committed to inspiring imagination, invention, and exploration. We believe the best way to learn is by doing.

We didn’t start out in the toy business, but we’ve always been in education. In fact, our first products were convergence generators built by engineers for television repairmen, and our first customer was an education provider. While our focus today is to bring fun into learning about electronics, one thing hasn’t changed: We still love engineering. That’s why our toys will never follow the latest trend or fashion.

We think engaging minds in the excitement of building a real electronic device or a real working machine —no matter how simple—will never go out of style. We still produce quality electronic instruments and test equipment, and we remain dedicated to creating affordable, safe and easy to use, educational toys that allow kids of all ages to use both sides of their brains and above all else, to Learn by doing ®.

Elenco’s Snap Circuits® makes learning electronics fun!!!


From its humble roots as a basement operation with one product, Elenco has emerged as a leader in the educational toy industry with hundreds of products and new ideas constantly in development. Elenco’s pride is the award-winning Snap Circuits product line, which teaches kids to have fun learning about electronics, engineering, science, and technology.

Snap Circuits have been endorsed by educators worldwide and used in schools, libraries, museums, after-school programs, STEM programs, and at home. Many of today’s rising engineers and scientists learned the basics of technology by playing and creating with Snap Circuits. Snap Circuits come in a variety of different kits, depending on size, theme, and configuration. The easy-to-use, full-color manuals give kids the power and self-confidence to build hundreds of exciting projects such as flying saucers, alarms, radios, doorbells, and much more.

Kids can also use their imagination and create their own circuits! Enjoy hours of fun with hands-on and creative activities to get kids excited about STEM! Before the STEM and Maker Movements, there was Elenco. For nearly 50 years, Elenco has developed educational kits and electronics testing equipment to teach electronics, science, and technology to budding engineers.

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