Press Release – STEAM learning gets its own future-ready Ambassador!

Awarded Educator Jonathan Nalder joins the iWorld STEAM team as an ambassador to help schools explore what best practice in future-ready learning looks like. Schools have long known that trans-disciplinary learning is vital to prepare students for a fast-changing world, but Educator of 19 years Jonathan Nalder has developed a framework to help map out … continue reading

LittleBits’ Ayah Bdeir Is Filling STEM’s Diversity Gap, Block by Block

“If there’s no solution to a problem that you see, it’s up to you to create it.” Picture the New York Toy Fair as something akin to Santa’s workshop, but the elves are replaced with suited executives. As the clipboard-carrying adults shuffle between Beanie Baby-lined booths and dodge an incoming hug from Clifford the Big … continue reading

Under-representation of women in STEM is holding back national prosperity

Australia has not yet made the systemic changes required to achieve diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), with the current under-representation and under-utilisation of women in the STEM workforce posing a threat to Australia’s prosperity. The findings are contained in the Women in STEM Decadal Plan launched this evening at Parliament House by … continue reading

11 Lessons to Inspire Girls to Grow into STEAM

Whew, we can hardly believe it’s March already! 2019 has begun with a blast and as we head into the changing seasons with spring beginning this month, we may be experiencing some growing pains. March also marks Women’s History Month, so we’d like to call attention to a mission close to our heart: inspiring girls … continue reading

Hands-on Review: Kano Computer Kit

As a kid, I owned a Sinclair ZX81. Like many of my generation, I learned how to program computers at the same time as playing (rudimentary) video games. I’ve long lamented that those that followed us were taught not how to use computers, but simply, how to use applications. We now have a generation of … continue reading

New Audio Products for April 2019

Singing Machine Carpool Karaoke Microphone Transform any car into a Carpool karaoke experience Features CarPool Dynamic Mic Transmitted to the radio via FM frequency Microphone volume and Echo controls Li-ion rechargeable battery for over 4 hours fun Line out jack to connect to another audio system Lighting effects sync with music playback Read More VIEW ... continue reading

What’s New for April 2019

Ozobot Ozobot makes award-winning robots for the next generation of creators. The bots can be coded in two ways: online with OzoBlockly and screen-free with Color Codes. Their mission is to inspire young minds to go from consuming technology to creating it. VIEW FULL OZOBOT RANGE MERGE MERGE develops award-winning augmented reality and virtual reality ... continue reading

iWorld Australia inks ANZ distribution agreement with Ozobot

Available May 2019 Melbourne, Australia, April 2, 2019 - Ozobot is a robotic platform that empowers coding and STEAM education for grades K–12. The company was founded in 2012 by Nader Hamda, whose vision was to inspire children to go from consuming technology to creating it. Kids of all ages can take command of Ozobots Evo and ... continue reading

AR and VR spend in Asia Pacific to hit $10B in 2019

Regional consumer and business spending on augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) will reach $10 billion (US$7.1 billion) this year, according to IDC. The latest report from the research firm showed expenditure in the sector grew by 75 per cent over the last year across Asia Pacific, excluding Japan. Further growth in the region is … continue reading

iWorld Australia inks ANZ distribution of Merge VR

Available May 2019 Melbourne – 27 March, 2019 – We are launching the award-winning augmented and virtual reality products by MERGE that enable experiential learning and content creation at home, in the classroom and in the workplace.  The MERGE products transform learning in schools, libraries, museums, universities, healthcare, environmental science, and other industries around the world. Merge … continue reading