Don’t Get Stuck with a Fakey Fakey!

It has recently come to our attention that counterfeit Makey Makey kits are cropping up for sale even from what might appear to be “real” online storefronts. (Here at JoyLabz, we call them Fakey Fakeys.) These aren’t just boards with features similar to a genuine Makey Makey; they are fakes pretending to be Makey Makeys. … continue reading

Press Release: iWorld Australia inks ANZ distribution agreement with ELENCO

Our mission is to provide quality, innovative toys and educational products that are fun, affordable, engaging, and designed to instill a passion for learning and creating. We’re committed to inspiring imagination, invention, and exploration. We believe the best way to learn is by doing. We didn’t start out in the toy business, but we’ve always … continue reading

Press Release: iWorld Australia inks ANZ distribution agreement with 3Doodler

The 3Doodler Story The story of 3Doodler started out with a good dose of imagination, endless hours of engineering, and a sprinkling of luck and good timing. From a handmade prototype in a Massachusetts maker space, to one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of all time, 3Doodler is now the best-selling 3D printing product … continue reading

Press Release

Teen siblings Ayana and Ethan Klein created 3Dux/design with a mission to bring human experience and design thinking into conventional STEM education. The architectural modeling sets integrate geometry and engineering concepts with art, design and open-ended creative play. Composed of a variety of 3D printed connectors and paintable geometric shapes, children are encouraged to imagine, … continue reading

Coming Soon to iWorld – Smartivity

Pioneers of Augmented Reality activities for children and designers of the most unique, cool and world-class S.T.E.M. learning based educational D.I.Y. Toys for children between 3 to 14 years of age, Smartivity Labs is driven by the mission to make learning “smarter” for children. Smartivity designs toys, engagement activities and playful learning tools that serve … continue reading

Kano’s first Star Wars coding kit lets programming Padawans use the force

Blair Altland – Sep. 30th 2019 @blairaltland Back in January, we first got word of Kano and Disney’s partnership to bring a coding kit from a galaxy far, far away to market sometime in 2019. Now today we are getting an official look at what the two companies have in store for us. Available later … continue reading

iWorld Australia inks exclusive ANZ distribution agreement with ‘Curioscope’

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2019 AUGMENTED REALITY, MEET THE CLASSROOM An immersive, award winning classroom tool, allowing you to deliver a learning experience that makes the wonder of human anatomy both memorable, engaging and accessible to everyone. The Virtual-Tee combines a t-shirt with a free snap enabling your students to learn about the human body… … continue reading

Press Release – STEAM learning gets its own future-ready Ambassador!

Awarded Educator Jonathan Nalder joins the iWorld STEAM team as an ambassador to help schools explore what best practice in future-ready learning looks like. Schools have long known that trans-disciplinary learning is vital to prepare students for a fast-changing world, but Educator of 19 years Jonathan Nalder has developed a framework to help map out … continue reading

LittleBits’ Ayah Bdeir Is Filling STEM’s Diversity Gap, Block by Block

“If there’s no solution to a problem that you see, it’s up to you to create it.” Picture the New York Toy Fair as something akin to Santa’s workshop, but the elves are replaced with suited executives. As the clipboard-carrying adults shuffle between Beanie Baby-lined booths and dodge an incoming hug from Clifford the Big … continue reading

Under-representation of women in STEM is holding back national prosperity

Australia has not yet made the systemic changes required to achieve diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), with the current under-representation and under-utilisation of women in the STEM workforce posing a threat to Australia’s prosperity. The findings are contained in the Women in STEM Decadal Plan launched this evening at Parliament House by … continue reading