Immediate Press Release 11.5.15

iWorld Australia secures exclusive distribution agreement with Ricatech.

Ricatech has been a pioneer in the electronics market for almost a decade. Starting as a manufacturer and supplier of MP3 players and audio fidelity, they rediscovered the passion for retro style electronics at the sight of a jukebox. This passion turned out to be shared by a wide audience, when they launched their first self developed jukebox on the market. Since then Ricatech are constantly developing new models and accessories that meet the demand from customers and have grown to become the largest supplier and manufacturer of retro and vintage audio electronics in Europe.

Across the range Ricatech have developed various turntables into complete Music Centres with, in addition to a turntable, a radio, CD player, USB, SD card slot and MP3 playback capability. As well as LPs, you can also convert singles, cassettes and CDs directly to USB, SD or CD. Of course, all models have a retro look. Our jukeboxes breathe 50s-style, but they have the most modern and distinctive technologies.

With vinyl on the way up, a growing group of older listeners nostalgically thinking back to times gone by and with young people reintroducing the retro style, jukeboxes and turntables which combine the technology of today with the appearance of a former age have a golden future ahead of them.

Chad De Clase quotes “ Ricatech is a very large and well established household name in Europe when it come’s to retro Audio. I have been in discussions with Ricatech about the launch in ANZ to expand our range of offerings in the vinyl audio market for ANZ. We now cover brands Crolsey, Ricatech and Holysmoke.”

You as a distributor, retailer or e-tailer can be part of this trend and join our ever-expanding retro electronics world…


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