Inventor of the Electronic Building Block Encourages Kids to Use STEAM to Invent for Good, Create New Ways to Make Music, and Break Boundaries in Space

Melbourne – September 13, 2018 – littleBits , the inventor of the electronic building block, is using kids’ own passions to get them excited about STEM/ STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) at home and at school. Today, the company introduced a line of three new inventor kits that challenge kids to build fun, playful inventions and give them the lifelong skills necessary to change the world.

Inventor kits

Gen Z is characterized by innovation and activism ; according to some studies, 60 percent hope their jobs (or future jobs) will positively impact the world. A creative, curious, and empathetic group, Gen Z seeks inspiration from the activists and inventors that came before them. littleBits today launched three kits that leverage inspiring stories as a gateway to get kids excited about STEAM: from Boyan Slat, the 16 year old who invented a new method for cleaning our oceans; to Imogen Heap, an electronic musician who invented a set of gloves that allow her to create music through movement; to NASA, which screens for people with gaming experience in the hiring process.

Additional information about each of the kits is listed below:

Base Inventor Kit: Over 12 activities in the free Inventor App guide kids through building fun inventions, such as a voice-activated robotic gripper arm that can act as a prosthetic. Kids are then challenged to create their own inventions to improve their home, help their community, or save the environment. ($199.95 AUD)

Electronic Music Inventor Kit: Creative kids build and customize a rockin’ synth guitar using littleBits electronic building blocks, then transform it into brand new instruments from their imagination such as hands-free air drums, drawing inspiration from some of the most world changing musical inventors. ($199.95 AUD)

Space Rover Inventor Kit: Over 30 activities in the free Inventor App guide kids through understanding the highly competitive space race and building and controlling space vehicle inventions, like a space rock collector or an alien life detector. ($389.95)

“littleBits is an activist company: we want to empower kids to invent the world they want to live in,” said Ayah Bdeir founder and CEO. “We are inspired by this generation’s desire to help others, improve their communities, or break new barriers in music making and space science. Our newest line of products is designed to equip kids with what they need to understand how technology around them works, get excited about STEM/STEAM, and use invention methods to make their creative ideas happen.”

In parallel to the launch of the Base Inventor Kit, Electronic Music Inventor Kit, and Space Rover Inventor Kit, littleBits will unveil supplementary online video content and tutorials on, the largest paid subscription video course platform for kids. The online courses mark the first collaboration between the companies since littleBits acquired DIY, in July 2018. Complementary video courses on will extend the invention process for each of the littleBits inventor kits, offering extra tips, stories, and demonstrations for young inventors.

Each of littleBits’ inventor kits comes with Bits, paper templates, accessories, a 9V battery, and a free inventor app equipped with in-app activities with step-by-step instructions and tutorials that guide kids through building and customizing fun inventions that help them unleash their creativity. The Base Inventor Kit, Electronic Music Inventor Kit, and Space Rover Inventor Kit are fun on their own, or they can be combined and reconfigured to create brand-new inventions. They are available at JB Hi-Fi and Australian Geographic Stores.

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