Based in Shenzhen, China, Robobloq is a new high tech player in STEM* education solution development.

*STEM: Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics

The Robobloq Robot construction platform consists of 500+ anodized aluminum parts including beams, gears, shafts and motors which are all under one standardized uniform design. They are non-toxic, harmless, sturdy and re-useable.

Robobloq has more than 40 different electronic modules such as a Camera module, USIM module, Memory module, Solar Power module, Pressure Sensor module, and Gas sensor module. These modules are compatible with our drag-and-drop coding interface and traditional languages like Python, JavaScript, C++ and Swift.

After building robots, users can control, code and customize them within one fun-filled app that allows children to enhance their logical thinking ability. Our friendly user interface makes it easy for children to get started quickly. Robobloq products are based on Arduino so they can also be customized in a more advanced way.

At first look, the Qoopers seems special with its capability of being built into 6 different shapes – some goes on wheels and some on track, some with ultrasonic sensor or a LED screen showing faces. The Qscout, on the other hand, features its adorable, big-eyed smiling look, apparently appealing to younger kids.

Robobloq features their “metal robot construction platform” with both products, where the robot kits are equipped with ultrasonic sensors, buzzers, RGB lights, LED panels and line-tracking sensors, which can be used for obstacle detection, music playing, light show, face expressions and of course, line tracking. All these features are accessible with Robobloq’s official app via Bluetooth connection.

“Making robots alone isn’t enough for STEM education,” says Jerry Wang, CEO of Robobloq, “we also need teachers, schools and new curriculum to fill the map, and that’s what we’re working on, to have more parties involved into the ecosystem.” He also mentioned his plan of writing training books and hosting nation-wide robotic competitions.

“ We are very excited to be working with Jerry and his team at Robobloq. Over the last 2 years iWorld Australia’s focus is to become the leader in STEM/STEAM products in both Australia and New Zealand. We are only looking to distribute the best STEM /STEAM products to distribute in ANZ. Robobloq fits the requirements perfectly with quality built products, excellent back end support and  designed to educated for the future. Stock has landed and will be rolling out to all customers over the coming weeks. “States Chad DeClase, Director of iWorld Australia.

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