GPO – retro design inspires everything we do
but our love of modern innovation powers us

A fresh and innovative addition to the retail market, ProTelX (creators of the original GPO brand – was established in September 2009 with
the aim of designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality consumer
retro products.
Designing and making retro-inspired radios, Landline Phones, Rotary dial phones & the now unbeatable Brooklyn Boombox Stereo.; you keep it because it’s fun and enjoyable. These products are something
you choose to add colour to your life: you want one because it’s nostalgic
and cool.

retro dialling never looked so good

A vast array of colours and styles from push button to rotary phones coming soon for your home or office.

GPO Brooklyn Boombox Stereo

The look and feel with all the mod cons of todays technology!


inspired by yesteryear but for today!


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