Strawbees Quirkbot Robotic Creatures

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Create your own robotic creatures with Quirkbot! With Quirkbot Robot Kit you can program and construct different shapes and forms. Connect
Strawbees, motors, LEDs and sensors to make your own creatures! It’s a fun and easy way to learn the basics of physical programming, electronics and mechanics, and encourages children to explore coding. Quirkbot is pefect for kids, grown-ups and educators.

Product Features
• Easy to program - Give your Quirkbot a personality! Programming can be
  done completely in Visual mode. Just drag & drop a few nodes, connect
  them and press UPLOAD — it’s really that easy!
• Quirkbot CODE is a simple, creative tool for the whole STEAM field.
• Create and Construct different shapes or forms.
• Pack includes : 1x Quirkbot Board, 1x Motor Backpack, 1x Servo Motor
  120°, 1x Small strawbees pack, 1x Electric Strawbee, 1x Straws pack (50
  straws) 1x LED 3mm RB, 10x cut legs, Light Sensor, 3x cut legs, 1x USB
  Cable, Intro Booklet, Sticker, Small screwdriver, 1x Servo extension cable, &
  6x Alligator clips
• Recomended Age : 13+

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• SB-QB : 7350089180012

Classroom Pack for up to 3 students
Cost Per Student $66.65

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