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MudWatt Science Fair Pack

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Perfect for running dirt-power experiments!

MudWatt engages kids in STEM in a whole new way, using the power of electricity-generating bacteria living in the soil beneath our feet!
Kids experiment with different types of soil (and food from the fridge) to maximize their power output. The MudWatt Explorer App lets kids measure their power, track their MudWatt’s bacteria growth, and unlock an awesome educational comic book!

Microbiology, Energy, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Engineering, all in one experience! (MudWatts are reusable and can last for years!) 

Want to see what item in your fridge gives you the most power? Or connect more MudWatts together to power more stuff? The Science Fair Pack lets you design your won real-time experiments by running 3 MudWatts simultaneously . Plus you can run controlled experiments and connect your MudWatts in parallel or series to amplify your power.
Product Features
• The award-winning bio-energy pet!
• Build your very own fuel cell that runs on muddy microbes
• A perfect STEM project for budding scientists and engineers
Science Fair Pack Includes : Graduated container (3 sets), Carbon felt electrodes (3 sets), Blinker circuits (3 sets), Aligator clips (2 sets), 1x digital clock, 
1x Instructional  Booklet , Nitrile Gloves and free MudWatt Explorer App
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• MW-10041 : 742832060936

Classroom Pack for up to 9 students
Cost Per Student $11.10




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