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LittleBits Code Kit

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Classroom Pack for up to 3 students
Cost Per Student $183.32

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Finally! An intro to coding in the classroom that engages students through an activity they love: making and playing games. As a bonus, it’s easy to teach – even with no prior STEM/STEAM experience. The littleBits Code Kit combines electronic building blocks with approachable drag-and-drop block-based programming, providing a foundation of coding as a creative tool that can power real-world inventions.

Product Details

  • 4+ hands-on inventions - Comes with everything students need to build & code 4 fun games (including hot potato and tug-of-war), then get creative and invent their own!
  • 100+ activities & 10 lessons - Cross-curricular activities fit into any classroom, library, or makerspace
  • Simple drag-and-drop code - The computer-based Code Kit app provides step-by-step instructions for easy, intuitive block-based programming
  • Fun & engaging - Teaching coding through game design gets the whole class involved and makes it something they WANT to do
  • Easy to teach - The simplicity of littleBits + block programming, plus an abundance of resources, sets educators up for success - even with no prior computer science experience
  • 16 Bits, 30+ accessories, tons of resources & a computer-based Code Kit app
  • Suitable for 1-3 students (Grades 3-8)
  • Recommended Age : 8+

Product code: LB-680-0010



  • USB power button (x2)
  • slide dimmer dimmer
  • pressure sensor sound trigger
  • wire (x3) branch
  • codeBit bargraph
  • servo speaker
  • LED matrix


  • USB power adapter & cable powerSnap (x3)
  • rechargeable battery mechanical arm
  • servo mount codeBit dongle
  • hook & loop shoes (x12) 
  • hook & loop strips (x2)
  • mounting board (8”x7”) 
  • littleBits Code Kit app
  • support materials to get started
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