You need a GolfSense device in order to see your 3D swing analysis.
GolfSense is the first & most portable, professional scientific analysis product for Golf Players and profitable for channel partners, of course.
Comparing with giant monitoring equipment, GolfSense is portable and can be used without location or environment restrictions. In other words, customers can practice swinging anytime and anywhere iPhone/iPad works. Comparing with other smaller Golf accessories, GolfSense shows its strong professional analysis capability and real time sharing attribute, which make this product is truly SNS (Social) and capable of providing meaningful guidance to players.
With our leading motion algorithm, upcoming products will be more helpful and meaningful for Golf players, in both swing and putting practice & performance guidance.
Our total solution is tailored to every level of Golf Players from Entry level to heavily fans, by providing different useful analysis and suggestions, including but not limited to, gesture suggestions, swing speed & frequency, timing allocation, Tempo, Club Head Speed, etc.
The key features of GolfSense App covers but not limited to:
Real-time 3D demonstration & comparing of every swing
Club speed detection and analysis
End swing & upswing position tracing and analysis
Club face posture tracing and analysis
Body rotation tracing and analysis
Scientific & comprehensive Tempo summary of every SwingPlay & Share with friends, personal coach or Golf star anywhere & anytime

What’s New in Version 2.8.3

Significant updates to provide more data around every swing including:

– Club head speed relative to ball impact
– Hand speed relative to ball impact

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