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Makeblock launches the smart robot that makes coding fun and accessible to all

Codeybot is an exciting two-wheel self-balancing robot that teaches the fundamentals of coding in a fun and playful way, and has been created by the robotics experts at Makeblock. The small robot packs in plenty of features, including the ability to shoot lasers out of a special detachable turret, playing your favorite music, dancing, and much more while teaching kids the ability to code.

Link to View Codeybot Kickstarter Page

Codeybot is easy for beginners to adopt, and complex enough for experienced coders to tinker and learn. Jasen Wang, CEO of Makeblock, explains: As our technology becomes increasingly more advanced, coding will also become an essential skill for our children. With this Kickstarter project we are hoping to team up with robotics fans of all ages to create a robot that will lower entry barriers for coding. Codeybot is a very special robot and its an important step in our mission to make coding accessible to all.

Codeybot teaches coding through its controls via the drag-and-drop visual programming app mBlockly. Currently compatible exclusively with iPads, mBlockly uses fundamental programming exercises including algorithm design, command sequences and control flow, conditionals, loops, sensors and events through creative problem solving. Alternatively, users can also control Codeybot with voice commands such as “change color” and “forward”, available through with the intuitive Codeybot app, available for free on iPads and iPhones as well as Android devices in the near future.

Key features of the Codeybot include:

  • Self-balance on wheels – Keep bot upright and balanced with internal gyros
  • Customize look – Draw faces using blue LED dots or choose LED wheel color
  • Play music – Easily connect to WiFi + 2.4G to play music
  • Dance to music – Drop in one of five pre-programmed dances
  • Make silly voices – Record your voice for Codeybot to repeat
  • Shoot lasers – Attach LED laser to turn bot into tank, connect two bots and enter battle mode

Jasen Wang comments: Children are the pioneers of the future, so in the past year Makeblock has been involved in several STEM projects and has partnered with Intel® and Microsoft® to support kids and parents alike to help advance STEM education globally.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions – 163 x 127.7 x 79mm
  • Weight – 540g
  • List of Voice Commands – Forward, Backward, Turn Around, Smile, Angry, Upset, Change Color
  • Platform – Openwrt
  • Sensors – Gyro sensor
  • Sound – Stereo; 2W* 2 Speakers
  • Display – 19*13=247 Blue LEDs
  • Movement – Wheel-Balancing, Triple Wheel/Two 10500±10{fa76ff8d89001c4e403402728e1a7786cd25c7bdb58a18ff0a8051c7751c2729} RPM Motors
  • Wheels – 2 rubber tires and 1 polyamide ball
  • Wheel Lights – RGB 256 colors
  • Connection – WiFi 2.4G
  • Memory Storage – RAM 64M, ROM 1G
  • Programming Language – mBlockly based on Google Blockly
  • Power – Rechargeable 5V 1A, 2000mAh Battery/ 2-3 Hour Life
  • System – Linux OS/MT7688 Processor
  • System & Device Requirements:
    • iOS 7 and above – Android 4.4 and above
    • iPhone 4 or later – iPad 2 or later
    • iPad Mini (all models) – iPod 4th Gen. or later
    • Android: Dual Core CPU 1GB RAM and above
  • Accessories included – Docking Station/User Guide/USB Cable


Codeybot is available on Kickstarter starting at $99 for the Early Bird.


Editors notes:

High-resolution images, logos, and headshots can be found here.

For more information on Codeybot please visit their FacebookTwitter or website –

About Makeblock

Founded in 2012, Shenzhen Maker Works Technology Co., Ltd (Makeblock) is an open-source arduino robot building platform that helps turn ideas into reality. Makeblock provides various mechanical parts, electronic modules and software to make them possible, such as beams, plates, connectors, motors, brackets, sensors, drivers and controllers and more. Having launched mDrawbot, mBot, mElephant 3D Printer, XY Plotter, mBot Ranger and Ultimate Robot Kit, Makeblock is becoming one of the best open-source robotics companies to make a difference.


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