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Swedish creative toy startup invited to exhibit at the Nobel Prize event

Strawbees, the Swedish creative toy startup were invited to create installations in four themed rooms at the Nobel Prize afterparty. Strawbees, being a creative toy for future innovators, was also a perfect giveaway for the 2500 attendees. “We were of course both excited and humbled for getting invited to such a prestigious event, and it’s a sign that our … continue reading

Swedish creative toy start up Strawbees continues US growth by signing Barnes & Noble

Posted on, 1st June 2016 Strawbees is a Gothenburg creative toy and edtech start up that follow up a triple digit growth in 2015 by signing Barnes & Noble, the largest book store chain in the United States. Strawbees expects to triple sales in 2016. ”United States is one of our key markets, and signing … continue reading

Strawbees on the Forbes list of Toys To Watch in 2016

We are happy to announce that Forbes named Strawbees “Toys to Watch in 2016”, with the likes of LEGO and Plus-Plus. “Parents nowadays wants their kids to leave the computer and use smart toys and be creative. The trend on the fairs has clearly been more hands on creative toys, and that is why we see great results from … continue reading