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iWorld Australia Releases NEW 2018 Crosley Range

Melbourne – August 27, 2018 –  iWorld Australia, together with Crosley, the leaders in consumer turntables, jukeboxes and radios, have launched a new range of premium turntables and bluetooth speakers. The new & exciting products will suit anyone that likes to enjoy listening to their vinyl collection.

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Posted on Digital Trends 14.12.16 Graduate from hipster to audiophile with Crosley’s C200 turntable Highs Solid build quality Easy to set up and maintain Built-in phono pre-amp makes stereo integration a breeze Functional, no-frills design Lows Phono pre-amp shows small amounts of distortion at higher volumes Included RCA cables are too short DT Editors’ Rating … continue reading

Vintage-style audio: Crosley Nomad USB-enabled record player

Posted on | 2nd September 2016 Crosley Nomad USB-enabled record player I thought we had covered pretty much all of the Crosley range in the past. Then I accidentally stumbled on this Crosley Nomad USB-enabled record player, which is definitely a new one on us. We like it too. In fact, we like it a lot. … continue reading

Crosley keeps growing, mobile record store opens at Abbey Road

Posted on, 26th May 2016 News, Weather & Sports LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It’s a Louisville company that keeps getting bigger and better, expanding its brand of products and it’s reach worldwide. Crosley Brands is a homegrown success and one of the sponsors again at Abbey Road on the River. Starting this week, you’ll … continue reading


Posted on Crosley Blog, May 06, 2016 (Shout to Natalia Mohl’s incredible photography- go check out her dreamy photos at wildbindi, based in Sydney, Australia! With love from a transient Melbournite.) So say you’ve gotten yourself a record player. Awesome, A+. If you’re like me and part of the dreaded “millenial” generation, when you brought … continue reading

A Turntable Maker Tries to Spin Upmarket

Posted on, April 22, 2016 A Turntable Maker Tries to Spin Upmarket Crosley is trying to move beyond entry-level record players. Crosley C10, At the South by Southwest festival in March, an Urban Outfitters store in Austin invited aspiring musicians to come and cut their own singles. Stepping into a dressing room, one young rocker … continue reading

The Crosley generation: the record player that has the kids in a spin

Posted on, 22 April 2016 ‘I bought one for my nine-year-old daughter’ I was delighted when my eldest daughter, who is nine, asked for a record player for Christmas. It wasn’t to do with any great residual love for vinyl on my part, although I do have a weird notion that the actual act … continue reading


Posted on Crosley Blog, February 26, 2016  WHAT TURNTABLE IS BEST FOR YOU? As much as Google is our friend, doing a cursory search for “turntable” is sort of like accidentally yanking the faucet off your sink and flooding your bathroom. There’s just too much stuff. There’s a lot of conflicting opinion and stated facts and … continue reading

Crosley Radio to Release 2016 Exclusive Record Store Day Turntable

Posted on, 15th April 2016 After showing off the device at CES 2016 earlier this year, Crosley is finally ready to set its highly-anticipated Mickey Mouse-themes Cruiser turntable into the wild for Record Store Day 2016. The themed turntable is a follow up to Crosley’s exclusive 2014 Record Store Day turntable that featured the characters … continue reading

Get groovy with the Crosley Cruiser

Posted on Crosley Radio in Louisville is now taking their old-school beats on the road, with the Crosley Cruiser, a mobile record store covered with artwork by local artist Robby Davis. Jason Menard here to show us what you’ll find inside the mobile record store. You can expect to see The Crosley Cruiser at music … continue reading