A kid-friendly DIY computer is as easy to assemble as Lego.

Alex Klein - FounderAlex Klein has demystified the computer. As the founder of London-based start-up Kano, a DIY computer kit that encourages kids to lift the lid on their operating system, Klein, 27, has animated a new wave of coding enthusiasts. Little wonder the company has raised $28 million in funding, and connected over 150,000 Kano devices to its network since September 2014.

Klein, a former magazine writer, was motivated by his cousin’s young son, who wanted to build a computer in the vein of Lego. Klein, who co-founded Kano with Yonatan Raz-Fridman and Saul Klein, brought to life that improbable idea. Most people merely consume technology. Kano trains young people to program their own art, games and music.

“We have grown up in a world where much of this stuff is invisible,” Klein once said. “But people are naturally curious about what’s inside. People have the right to participate in this technology. And with this, we can help them demystify it.”


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