Established in 2006, iWorld Australia is a leading supplier of Digital Lifestyle and Appcessory based products / STEAM education / IOT in both Australia and New Zealand, and also an approved member of the Australian Toy Association (ATA).

Your Lifestyle, Your Choice

iWorld Australia is the industry leader for “Appcessories” and “Appcessory” in the Australian and New Zealand market place. We have been heavily involved with development and implementation of “Appcessories” into the Australian and New Zealand market places.

iWorld Australia is also an Approved Apple Partner – supplying goods directly to Apple Retail and Apple on-line.

Since the beginning iWorld Australia has developed in both Australia and New Zealand as a trusted quality distributor in the sectors of IT channel servicing the major national retailers, national Telecommunications stores, Pharmacies, Sporting, Education, Apple Resellers and Apple Australia (Retail and Online). With the dramatic growth of the Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, iWorld Australia has greatly increased in size with additional staff and our move into a much larger facility.

Our new facility is fitted with the latest in distribution logistics and computer automation software to enable iWorld Australia to increase productivity and once again raise the bar in the level of distribution in both the Australian and New Zealand market place.

We have recently opened our new iWorld Hong Kong facility in January 2015. This facility is designed to to handle AV compliance, Product sourcing, QA, Shipping and Logistics. The QA and and compliance department has had many years of in-line and end production inspections on each shipping leaving overseas. The new iWorld Hong Kong facility can compile artwork and in-house design. The team is experienced in the design of cutting edge packaging, POS, Instruction manuals and product catalogues. Shipping and logistics from this hub to handle combined shipments to solve shipping issues by either air or sea.

iWorld has the resources that enable us to develop, design and manufacture innovative products. We also have a specialised sales and merchandising team, in-house marketing & PR focusing on brand representation and e-commerce management.

In a fast moving IT environment, iWorld Australia has specialised focus on the new developments of emerging products and new technology. At iWorld Australia, we have a large range of manufacturers and brands to cover all our customer requirements. We are not just a “one stop shop” but a complete solutions provider to both the Australian and New Zealand market. We are now driving the STEM education market in ANZ and the IOT to our entire customer base.

iWorld Australia has engaged an independent testing and certification company to help in assisting our partner manufacturers in obtaining product reports and certificates that are accepted by Australian and New Zealand electrical safety regulators and certification agencies.

With mobile phones, digital cameras, music players and computers changing the way we live from day to day, the digital revolution is at hand and iWorld Australia is leading the way, outfitting your digital lifestyle.

Our success is based on quality customer support and solid long term business relationships forged with major customers, high profile quality manufacturers, strong financial positioning and most of all a solid reputation as a trusted supplier of IT/CE products into the Australian and New Zealand market place.

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