STEAM Design Challenge: Chair Prototyping
Doodle Snowflakes: Geometry and Symmetry
The Basic Unit of Life: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells (STEM)
Doodler Tree Anglers
Doodle-Wobblehead Notables
Doodled Blackout Poetry
Lasso-Doodler Roundup
Doodle-Spud-Heads (Our Five Senses)
Leafy-Family-Doodles (Science: Inheritance in Plants)
STEM: Doodle-Winter-Balance (Design Investigation: Weights and Balance)
STEM: Doodle-Trees (Trees and the Four Seasons)
STEM: Doodle-Tangrams (Puzzler Investigation)
STEM: Doodle-Parachute-Jumpers (Design Investigation)
Doodle-Sole-Charms (Sense of Touch & Sight)
STEM: Doodle-Ice-Lanterns (States of Matter)
STEM: Doodle-Hockey (Engineering Challenge)
STEM: Floating Doodles (Buoyancy: Sink or Float)
STEM: Doodle-Line-Puzzlers (Continuous Line Drawings)
STEM: Doodle-Engineering-Challenge (Scientific Method)
STEM: Plants & Animals (Basic Needs)
STEM: Doodle-Wheelers (Force and Motion/Simple Machines)
MATH: Shape Shifters (Identifying Shapes and Attributes)
MATH: Rockin-Doodle-Dominoes (Sorting by Color Attribute)
MATH: Doodle-Number Line (Adding and Subtracting Using a Number Line)
MATH: Pine Cone Counting-Doodlers (Fractions: Comparing parts to whole)
MATH: Old MacDoodle’s-Doodles (Shapes, Sorting, Categorizing)
MATH: Doodle-Touch-Dots (Addition)
Doodle-the-Dots (Even and Odd numbers)
MATH: Doodle-Inchworm (Measurement)
MATH: Doodle-Counters (Counting & Number Correspondence)
MATH: Doodle-Butterflies (Symmetry)
MATH: Doodle Difference
MATH: Doodle-Sums
MATH: Doodle Place Value Art
MATH: Comparing Numbers with Doodle Gator
3Doodler Reading Pals
Doodle Magic Words
Doodle-Faces (Writing: Show-Don’t Tell-Your Character’s Emotions)
Swat the Doodle-Fly: Sight Words
Doodle-Snowman Glyph (Sharing Data)
Operation Dr. Doodler
Doodle Sentence-Pals
Compound Words
Doodle Magic Spelling
STEM: Earth’s Structure and Beyond!
STEM: Doodle Maze
STEM: Stars and Constellations
STEM: Cloud Doodlers
ELA: 3Doodler Stop-Motion
MATH: Fractal Trees
MATH: Doodler Dice Rollers
Math: Parabolic Art and Geometry
MATH: Fractal Fractions
Elemental Superheroes and Supervillains!
STEM: Doodled Animal Prosthetics
STEM: Bridging the Gap
3Doodler Start: Learn to Doodle 3D Shapes
Fibonacci Spider Webs
3Doodled Tops (Force & Motion)
Developing a Character
Line Talkers (Alliteration)
Touch Text (Vocabulary)
Masquerade Party (Theme & Symbolism)
Puppets and Props (Story Retelling)
A Field Guide to Fantastic Beasts – and where to find them (Research/Creative Writing)
3Doodler Alive! (Personification)
Metaphors & Similes: Redefining and Transforming Objects
Tessellations (Geometry)
Pentomino Puzzler (Geometry)
Jumping Circles (Organizing Data and making Conjectures)
Doodle-the-Dots (Multiplication Patterns)
3Doodler City (Area and Perimeter)
(Intermediate): Build a Better Bubble!
(Primary): Build a Better Bubble!
Reptile Renovators
Plant Adaptations (Living Things)
Upcycle with 3Doodler
Dial up the Sun! Patterns on Earth and in Space
Simple Machine Design Challenge (Forces and Motion)
Fossils: Doodling and Diggin’ the Earth
Idioms: You’re an Idiom
GeoMetric Collage Maker