3Doodler Start Learning Pack (6pens) – Introducing New and Improved EDU Learning Packs. With the all new 3Doodler EDU Learning Packs – 6 Pens you can equip an entire classroom with 3Doodler pens and accessories for less than the cost of a regular 3D printer. 3Doodler Start Learning packs come in 12-Pen and 6-Pen variants. Teacher’s Kit Includes: Teacher’s Checklist x1 Welcome Sheet x1 Cheatsheet x1 3Doodler Poster x1 Activity Guide x1 DoodleBlock® Guide x1 Troubleshooting Guide x1 Start Manual x1 EDU Booklet x1 Lesson Plans x2 Unblocking Tools x2 – Students’ Kit Includes: 6-Pens – 3Doodler Start Pens x6 DoodlePads™ x6 DoodleBlocks® x12 USB Cables x6 – 3Doodler Start – Plastics Kit Includes: Start Plastic Red x75 Start Plastic Orange x75 Start Plastic Yellow x75 Start Plastic Green x75 Start Plastic Grey x75 Start Plastic White x75 Start Plastic Mint x75 Start Plastic Blue x75

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Weight3.15 kg
Dimensions35 × 21.3 × 20 cm